Headlight cleaningequipment

Head light cleaning system

The Pilot head light cleaning system makes it easy  to clean your head lights and it therefore decreases the danger of blinding the oncoming traffic. It is always installed in combination with an automatic leveling system.  This system is also obliged on determined vehicles. Click here for legislation.

Head light nozzles.No more dirtyness and insects on your head lights.
Xenon illumination may get scattered by these which subsequently may cause blinding the oncoming traffic. This head light cleaning system is being connected to your windscreen washer reservoir.


This set can connect you simple by the 12V of the system washer.
The 1 liter tank in combination with the powerful integrated right tension pump, 
sees to for it that the headlights of the car perfectly become clean gesproeid.

These headlamp cleaningequipment is easy to assemble between the original windscreen washers.